Cannabis Brands Of California – Growing Exposed At Hall Of Flowers!

Cannabis Brands Of California – Growing Exposed At Hall Of Flowers!
Growing Exposed’s resident tour guide, Justin Cooper, takes us inside Industry Day at the Hall of Flowers event at the Sonoma Fairgrounds, in Santa Rosa, California. Event organizers say “the mission of the Hall of Flowers is to bring together the most innovative brands, retailers, and industry insiders to incubate the future of cannabis brands”, and they are doing just that!

The day before the show opens for the public, we join dispensary owners and cannabis retailers, for an exciting look at what is coming to the cannabis consumer.

New brands have been exploding onto the market as cannabis is decriminalized in more and more states throughout the country. The event itself as exploded in size as well…growing from filling up one building to three buildings in just one year. With recreational cannabis now legal in the state of California, the event was open to the public and we spoke with cannabis fans who were welcome to share in the experience and partake in the fun!

We will take you onto the packed showroom floor, filled with all the heavy hitters in the cannabis industry. We get up close with some of the latest products coming onto the market, and check out the various strains of fragrant flower on display.

Justin will catch up with old friends from Hi-Fi Hops and Riverside Farms, and discover brands that are new even to him, including Saucey, Packwoods: Los Angeles, The Botanist, and Cresco.

As the cannabis industry has grown and become more competitive, brands have become exceedingly creative in an effort to stand out from the ever growing crowd. We will introduce you to some of these brands and get their thoughts on what trends are coming to your local dispensary; such as live rezin, quality drugs, and cannabis you can drink.

Let be your go-to destination for all things cannabis related. We take you inside all the biggest industry events, like Hall of Flowers, and we also give you exclusive tours of the biggest grows in North America, and get growing tips from the pros for grows of any size.


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    Seems like exclusive cannabis for rich people. California is like Saudi Arabia in this context…gotta have big bucks to participate and not killed by the corporate oligarchs. That’s why so many people here join the military. It’s impossible to live here so people turn into hammers to subjugate those of us that have nothing to do with the wars. I have never seen weed so goddamn expensive as Cali’s dispensaries. I’m talking about 80$ eighths for some of those exotics Justin highlights above. Growing exposed is selling their nutrient line. That’s not Cali love y’all….it’s elitism …i’ve had 100$ ounces of gray market sungrown Emerald triangle weed that is just as good as anything I’ve ever had…there’s no need to rip people off and make this plant a rich person’s commodity.

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    Cresco is far far from a small time operation. Saying they are "emerging" and evolving is an odd comment In many many ways. Cresco owns sunnyside dispensaries which are in several states and high supply which is another line of cannabis product. Not to mentiom their own line of cannabis product. They are big time big money corporate cannabis and true small time growers should be getting that kind of highlight they are the ones evolvinging the game and emerging while bringing forth quality.

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    They’re in every medical state from p.a to Illinois

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