be sure to diagnose your problem correctly .as these symptoms could be the cause of many different things , as pest , deficiencies , overwatering ect. check out the symptom link below before going further
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items used in this video and measurements
bloom-plus 3000 led light
tent is a 3×4 no name brand
1 gal pots
rapid start 1ml/gal
house and garden amino treatment 1ml/gal
dyna-zyme 1 tsp/gal
b-52 1tsp/gal
voodoo-juice 1stp/gal


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  16. jenna toenges on May 23, 2022 at 7:50 am

    this happened to my plants starting a week ago.. i had one yellow leaf so i gave it more nutrients mainly nitrogen, and it went away. then two days ago i had more yellow leaves, and yesterday the whole plant fell and is droopy 😭 what do i do

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    PLEASE HELP…I made a HUGE mistake a few days ago…I used a foliar spray consisting of 2 tsp veg oil,1 tsp baking soda and1 tsp dawn blue dish washing soap (which i thought was unscented) likely at a PH that was too high as I forgot to PH down the solution (8.5-9). I was trying to eradicate what i though was WPM (but now i am second guessing if there was any WPM to begin with). I made another huge mistake by spraying while my lights were still on (SpiderFarmer SPF 2000 dimmed to 50%). Long horror story short, the next day the plants seems to be a combination of curled, dark, brown spots and burned tips. I cut off any necrosis bc i am woried about mold. I removed and/or cut the tips of a bunch of fan leaves that were too far gone….I am not going to remove or cut any more, dont worry…PLEASE HELP….I promise I have learned my lesson and wont be using that hack again or attempting to fix problems with little sleep. I just found your channel and seems like you are a good resourse of knowledge, especially for possibly poisoned plants, lol. They are at the beginning of week 5 veg and just prior to this nightmare, the plants were looking fantastic and were transplanted to 5 gallon pots with FF soil. I am guessing I should wait a bit longer before flipping to flower (assuming they get healthy enough). I do need to think about tent height though, I want to be sure I leave enough room between my plants and my light (2x4x6). Thank you in advance.

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