The Future Of Cannabis | Benzinga Cannabis Capital Conference Day 1

The Future Of Cannabis | Benzinga Cannabis Capital Conference Day 1

With over 600 companies in attendance, the Benzinga Cannabis Capital Conference is the leading cannabis investment conference in North America.

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AGENDA (all times ET)
9:00 AM Opening Remarks with Elliot Lane, Director of Corporate Partnerships, Benzinga & Javier Hasse, GM Cannabis, Benzinga
9:15 AM Odyssey Trust: The Rise of Trust and Transfer Agents In Cannabis
Speaker: Jenna Kaye, Founder & CEO, Odyssey Trust Company
Moderator: Natan Ponieman, Reporter, Benzinga
9:30 AM Exclusive Interview with Cannabis Lending with the Safe Banking Act on the Horizon
Speakers: Leonard Tannenbaum, CEO, Advanced Flower Capital (AFC Gamma), and Brady Cobb, Sunburn Cannabis
9:50 AM Growing At Light Speed: The FLUENCE by Osram Story
Kurt Davis, Director of Business Development, Fluence
Javier Hasse, GM Cannabis, Benzinga
10:10 AM The Entourage Effect Of Capital In Cannabis, With Matt Hawkins, Founder & Managing Partner Entourage Effect Capital
Moderator: Michael D. Schwamm, Partner, Duane Morris
10:30 AM Catching Jay-Z’s Eye With Peakz
Speaker: Jessie Grundy, CEO, Peakz
Moderator: Helene Servillon, Founding Partner, JourneyOne Ventures
10:50 AM The Importance of Reliable Data in the Cannabis Industry
Speaker: Micah Tapman, CEO, BDSA
Moderator: Adam Carlson, Managing Director and Head of Life Sciences, ATB Capital Markets
11:10 AM The Nuances Of Growing Cannabis Indoors With Agrify
Raymond Chang, CEO, Agrify
Aaron Grey, CFA, CPA, Managing Director, Equity Research – Consumer & Cannabis, A.G.P. / Alliance Global Partners
11:30 AM Driving Your Cannabis Brand through Advocacy & Social Impact Initiatives
Speaker: Roz McCarthy, Founder & CEO, Minorities for Medical Marijuana
Speaker: Niambe McIntosh, Executive Director, Peter Tosh Brand & Legacy
Moderator: Maureen Meehan, Cannabis Editor, Benzinga
11:50 AM The Fascinating Story of Sundial Growers’ Comeback
Speaker: Zach George, CEO, Sundial
Moderator: Scott Greiper, Founder & President, Viridian Capital Advisors
12:05 PM Compliance in High-Growth Industries with Fyllo’s Chad Bronstein
Speaker: Chad Bronstein, Fyllo
Moderator: Jason Raznick
12:25 PM Cannabis Champions Kim Rivers and Rep. David Joyce Talk Federal Policy
Speaker: Rep. David Joyce, Congressman, U.S. House of Representatives
Moderator: Kim Rivers, CEO, Trulieve
1:10 PM Josephine & Billie’s: More Than Just a Dispensary, An Experience
Speaker: Whitney Beatty, Founder & CEO, Josephine & Billie’s
Moderator: Helene Sevillion, Founding Partner, JourneyOne Ventures
1:30 PM The Biggest Legalization Bill America Has Seen? Rep. Mace & Her Amazon-Backed Bill
Speaker: Rep. Nancy Mace, Congresswoman, U.S. House of Representatives
Moderator: Tahira Rehmatullah, Co-founder & CEO; Partner, Commons; Highland Ventures
1:50 PM Panel Now What? Executing After A Fundraise
Speaker: Karson Humiston, CEO, Vangst
Speaker: Luke Anderson, Co-Founder, Cann
Speaker: Scott Kenyon, CEO, Wurk
Moderator: Emily Paxhia, Founding Partner & Managing Partner, Poseidon
2:30 PM Latinos In The Cannabis Space: A Long Road Ahead
Speaker: Jeffrey Garcia, President, Latino Cannabis Association
Moderator: Noemi Perez, CEO, Greenbook Academy
2:50 PM The Rise of Debt Financing in the Cannabis Industry
Speaker: Don Brain, CEO & Chariman, Freehold Properties
Speaker: Dino Colonna, Partner, Silver Spike Capital
Speaker: John Mazarakis, Partner & REIT Executive Chairman, Chicago Atlantic Real Estate Finance, Inc.
Speaker: Steve Ham, Managing Partner, Altmore Capital
Moderator: Matthew Ginder, Partner, Greenspoon Marder
3:20 PM PropTech & Data In The Cannabis Space with Bryan McLaren & Javier Hasse
Speaker: Bryan McLaren, CEO, Zoned Properties
Moderator: Javier Hasse, GM Cannabis, Benzinga
3:40 PM Can I Change? Cannachange’s Mission
Speaker: O’Neil Rudolph, CEO, cannachange
Moderator: JJ McKay, Founder & Publisher, The Fresh Toast
4:00 PM A Cannabis Museum? Yes, Please
Speaker: Alex Brough, President & Managing Partner, Cannabition Cannabis Museum
4:10 PM “20X Growth – The Explosion of Vertical Cannabis Cultivation
A Chat With Grow Glide CEO, Travis Schwartz”
Speaker: Travis Schwartz, CEO & Co-Founder, Grow Glide
Moderator: Maureen Meehan, Cannabis Editor, Benzinga
4:30 PM What’s Up With Cannabis Policy In The US?
Speaker: Steven Hawkins, CEO & President, US Cannabis Council
Speaker: Jamie Pearson, President & CEO, Bhang
Speaker: Michael Bronstein, Co-Founder & President, American Trade Association of Cannabis & Hemp (ATACH)
Moderator: Paul P. Josephson, Partner, Duane Morris
5:10 PM Closing Remarks
Speaker: Elliot Lane, Director of Corporate Partnerships, Benzinga
Speaker: Javier Hasse, GM Cannabis, Benzinga
Speaker: Kevin McLaughlin, Managing Director of the Cannabis Practice

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  1. Dan Clark on May 15, 2022 at 6:45 pm

    SDNL Stock Price: Sundial Growers Price rises as it makes huge profits for Investors.

  2. Randall Gooman on May 15, 2022 at 6:57 pm

    Zach George rules.

  3. Dan Clark on May 15, 2022 at 6:57 pm

    (NASDAQ:SNDL) (Sundial), has been assigned an investment grade rating of BBB+ by Egan-Jones Ratings Company, an independent, unaffiliated rating agency. ZACH ASSESSES RISK WELL! BBB+ RATED LOANS $$$!

  4. Ánge on May 15, 2022 at 7:01 pm


  5. Rob Campbell on May 15, 2022 at 7:14 pm

    Full Contact Capitalism – Zach is IN CHARGE – Damn smart.

  6. Georgii Arakelov on May 15, 2022 at 7:19 pm

    Freaking SNDL. This is terrible preview of earnings call…

  7. Ronnie Straub on May 15, 2022 at 7:26 pm

    Where are my Sundial holders homies?? Lets hear it!!

  8. We Run The House on May 15, 2022 at 7:29 pm

    I run a civic action non-profit and I would like to share details about it with you. Please reach out to me so we can chat.

  9. Dan Clark on May 15, 2022 at 7:33 pm

    SNDL Analysts predict that the company’s current quarter sales will jump, forecast at 129.80%. Forecasts for the next quarter put sales growth at 1,461.80%. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  10. onenickelmiracle on May 15, 2022 at 7:35 pm

    100 likes for SNDL.

  11. Mike Markley on May 15, 2022 at 7:39 pm

    2:54:00 is where Zach comes on stage