This Week in Cannabis News – Oct 25 to Oct 31 2021

This Week in Cannabis News – Oct 25 to Oct 31 2021

*This news is NOT investment advice. It’s for educational purposes only.*
Mid Week Update:
Curaleaf, Verano, Harvest Q2 Earnings:
GTI, Trulieve, CC & Cresco Q2 Earnings:

00:00 – Intro
00:40 – CNN Reports FACTS About the Industry, Good Use of CNN’s Reach
2:50 – IL Sales Near $1B as of September, Oct Sales Out Around Nov 4th
3:32 – The Hill Highlights Different Ways Congress Can Reform Laws NOW
6:30 – Entrepreneurs Encourage Congress to Pass SAFE As Next Best Step
8:47 – Curaleaf AMA, Boris Jordan Answers Questions / SAFE Update, Still in NDAA
11:00 – Fund Manager Comments on Growing Cannabis Position via Todd Harrison
11:58 – Visuals Helping Show Discrepancy Between Share Price / Fundies via Duke of WS
15:20 – The Dales Reports: There Is Active Investigation on Naked Short Selling in CA
17:18 – FL Adds 3,383 Patients, Sales Steady and Strong
18:10 – Maine Banks $60M in First Year of Cannabis With More Room For Growth
19:22 – Columbia Care Partners with Mike Tyson for New Cannabis Brand
20:12 – Teen Use Goes Down When States Legalize, Federal Study Finds
21:18 – Support in PA For Legalizing At All Time High
22:36 – MD Lawmakers Pro-Actively Discuss Expungement Options for 2022
23:30 – These States Could Legalize In 2022: MD, MO, OK, OH, AK, PA, FL
24:08 – Interesting Facts About the Industry, Reform Brings Mostly Positives
24:45 – Italian Activists Turn in Signatures for Canna / Psilocybin Referendum
25:32 – NORML Making It Easy to Show Your Support for SAFE, Please Opt In!

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Reforming marijuana laws before the holidays: A three-pronged approach

Congress Should Pass Marijuana Banking As Legalization Support Builds, Black Small Business Owners Say

Curaleaf AMA – October 28th @ 5pm ET with Executive Chairman, Boris Jordan from weedstocks

Teen Marijuana Use Is Not Increasing As More States Legalize, Another Federal Study Shows

Support For Marijuana Legalization In Pennsylvania Hits Record High, New Poll Finds

Maryland Lawmakers Discuss Expunging Marijuana Records As Part Of Legalization Plan For 2022

Italian Activists Turn In More Than Half A Million Signatures For Marijuana And Psilocybin Referendum

Federal: Enact the SAFE Banking Act as part of the NDAA

This Week in Cannabis is a weekly recap of the Cannabis industry for retail investors to learn about the budding opportunity unfolding in North America before Cannabis goes global.

**This is not investment advice. It is educational and informative entertainment to help people learn new investing perspectives that they can compare with their own. Invest at your risk. **


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