Understanding the Cannabis Industry and Its Risks to Investors

Understanding the Cannabis Industry and Its Risks to Investors

The cannabis industry may be at an inflection point now. Michigan became the 10th state to legalize marijuana for recreational use while Missouri and Utah joined the growing club of states that allow medical marijuana. As a result, the cannabis industry is being widely (perhaps wildly) discussed but will it live up to speculator’s hype or will it fizzle? In this webinar we will take a closer look at the industry as a whole and its various segments and consider their potential and the risks associated with them.

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IMPORTANT NOTE: For many people, consuming cannabis is a moral issue. Online Trading Academy in no way condones the consumption of what many people consider a mind-altering drug. As a leader in investing education we believe it’s our responsibility to help investors understand new investment industries and more importantly, with the risks associated with these investment opportunities.


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    Its not worth it. Im in the food buisness, l know people that have gotten into cannabis & LOST EVEERYTHING. The government is against you & once your arrested by DEA its over, you’ll be financially ruined ..

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    …It is legal in COLORADO !….& the prices are falling ….downward..!…..Top shelf bud is going for $120 per OZ,….the price is low because this is just the raw product and the products created from it are endless?

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    saying there are over 25,000 uses and then mentioning every kilo under each American wouldn’t be feasible. Nice summary

  25. marco benedict on May 15, 2022 at 7:25 pm

    Future of cannabis: similar to tobacco. Sold out of every gas station and convenience store. Canadian and US companies will eventually become middle men. Importing products from South America-Khiron-and selling them at their outlets every where. This happened to the avocado and flower california business. It’s all about cost per gram. Aphria and Fire and flower have the head start on number of outlets. Aprhia, Khiron and One World have started cultivating in Colombia. 12 month sunshine, least cost per gram. Evidence: companies keep selling cultivation properties and leasing them back. They will not need any of these eventually. Aphria just bought an American beer company for its country wide distribution. Fire and flower signed a contract with the owners of Circle K convenience stores and gas station, 9,000 stores in the US, 19,000 stores world wide. there is the future of cannabis…………current cannabis store model is already obsolete.

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